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Pittsburgh Luxury Wedding Planner | 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 7

And just like that, SHE is in the holiday spirit! Our 1st Holiday Gift Guide (featuring Things SHE Loves)--is here!! Earlier this year when we were planning content for our SHE blog, I thought it would be so fun to create a Holiday Gift Guide, that not only gives ideas for gifts + stocking stuffers, but also gives a glimpse into each of our personalities + style.

Gift giving is TRULY my love language. I LOVE to give little gifts to my friends or send cards or cakes or cookies for their birthdays each year. Growing older + having friends across the country can be hard, so I've found sending gifts when I can is a great way to stay connected!

When creating this guide, we each kept our gift ideas a secret until we submitted. The group chat went crazy after we submitted with texts like "LOL of course Shayla had the Gucci studs & Hermes pillow on her list" or "Q always looking out for her man, including a gift for the man in your life, so sweet!" It was all smiles + laughs to see how each guide authentically represented each of our current obsessions + personalities!!

After reading through our gift guide please comment below and let us know which one of 'those SHE girls' you are most like in your gift giving or which gifts you want to add to your Christmas list to receive.

Happy Shopping!!


For the girls that love's giving Shayla! Designer brands have been her thing but she is currently obsessed with creating luxury feels in the little things in everyday life. Luxury starts at home. When you walk into your house, what's better than the aroma of a luxury hotel?! The Hotel Collection diffuser + array of luxury hotel fragrances is one of the best gifts of 2023! It's so effortless + impressive--guests comment right away. Her fave scents are 'My Way' + '24K Magic'.

After walking into an arromically correct home, give your friends the gift of a luxurious nap with the Hermes Avalon pillow. Shayla guarantees their dreams will be rich!

If you have friends that love to travel, gift them the security of knowing where their luggage is at all times with an Apple Air Tag, they will thank you when baggage claim says their luggage is lost. For added measure, throw in an Apple MagSafe Battery, that way they can always stay at 100 + connected.

And finally, pucker up daily in your Dior Lip Oil and send your significant other a wink wink, hint hint, with a screenshot of the ever classic, never out of style, gold Gucci studs. What Shayla says goes, and she says you NEED them!

Shayla's gift guide is 100% certified to be a winner for the aesthetically pleasing, stylish + always on the go friends in your life, considering she owns each of these gifts herself.


For the friend that loves to have fun, look + feel fresh in more ways than one + consider's herself to be a long lost sister of the Kardashian's look no further than MY guide!

First things first, for the girlies + guys local to Pittsburgh, give the gift of a microdermabrasion, a diamond glow facial, or any other service from Pure Skin Care Center. I've been a returning customer for the last 6 years with microdermabrasion's every 2 months + my skin has never looked or felt better. Every time I step outside with zero makeup (but always sunscreen ladies!) on my face, I send a little mental thank you to the ladies at Pure Skin Care.

When I do step outside, I most likely always have on a pair of gold hoop earrings. These Mejuri hoops are the perfect stocking stuffer for "that girl" because we all know when you put on hoops, you instantly get a boost of confidence in your step + feel like that girl that can conquer anything life throws her way.

I wouldn't say I'm a foodie, I would say I'm more of a...Cookie Monster? Lol! I do have a ranking of the best local chocolate chip cookies in Pittsburgh, but if I'm sending the gift of love in the form of a cookie, I go right to Levain Bakery's website + ship a 4 pack sampler, perfect for the person with an oh so sweet tooth!

My home + bedroom is my sanctuary, especially after a long day of work. I know you have friends that feel the same, and there's nothing better than putting on my, literally so soft, like butter, Skim's pj's (thanks sister Kim!) and lighting a candle to unwind. Until Shayla gifts me the Hotel Collection Diffuser... I'll be lighting a Snif Candle + staying off the grid.

I hope my gift guide gives you a few chic ideas for your loved ones this holiday season!


If your vibes are being the hostess with mostest, Ericka's gift guide is for You!

Looking to elevate your at home bar, the Bartesian Cocktails on Demand is a MUST. Seriously, a cocktail maker that makes premium cocktails at the click of a button... why didn't SHE think of this?? If we weren't the ones to create it, we will still be the ones to gift it! It will definitely make those girls nights that much more fun.

The next morning after a girls night, send your girls home with the gift of an Ember Mug... they will need it.

The gift of smell seems to be a consistent theme throughout each of our gift guides, whether that be diffuser's, candles or perfume. The Valentino perfume, Donna Born In Roma, is the perfect perfume to give to that edgy yet feminine friend in your life.

If you are still looking for an amazing candle to gift, but not sure which scent your friend prefers, the Voluspa mini candle set is for you. The word Voluspa originates from an ancient poem, meaning beauty created from chaos. We all know how chaotic the holiday season can be, so send some beauty to your friends, they will thank you later!


For the friends who love the simple pleasures at home, enter Sequoyah's gift guide.

Sequoyah's gift guide reads like a luxury stay at the spa... I mean that is one of her gift ideas, but the rest of the gifts fit that cozy girl vibe.

After a long day at work, who wants to come home & deal with an unruly wine cork... answer: no one! The electric wine opener is the gift of convenience for all of our wine lovers. Once that wine is open, the Crate & Barrel wine glasses are perfect to sip from... especially since they can fit an entire bottle in one glass, but you didn't hear that from us.

The next morning before heading out the door, who wants to deal with making a pot of coffee, cleaning the coffee pot & throwing out the used coffee grounds...again: no one. That's why Sequoyah insists on the Nespresso Coffee Machine, pop in your favorite pod + wait for the delicious aroma to fill your home as you run out the door with your to-go mug.

Sequoyah is making us look bad lol-- she included a specific gift for her hubby on the guide. The Dior Sauvage Cologne exudes just the right amount of freshness + mysterious creating the perfect scent. Make sure to match your man's scent with the queen Beyoncé's new perfume & start your own Renaissance Tour as the best smelling couple in town!

SO many good options right?! SHE got you! We hope it gives you a fresh take on gift ideas for your loved ones + most importantly for yourself, because who doesn't love to give themselves a gift every once in awhile!


Don't forget to drop us a comment below!




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