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Pittsburgh Luxury Wedding Planner | Engagement Season

Did you know there is a such thing as "engagement season"? Well there is and it is upon us! Engagement season is during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Almost 40% of engagements happen during these months and the most popular month is December. It truly makes sense that engagements happen during this time frame since many couples spend the holidays with family, making it the perfect time to include and celebrate the proposal with loved ones.

If you're a girlfriend dating with the intent to marry, this time of the year is brewing with exciting anticipation. If you're expecting a ring this season (we love that for you!), here's some things to consider:

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Stay Ready

You absolutely want to look + feel your best when he pops the big question so make a little extra effort to look great as much as possible. It's very possible there could be a photographer to capture it all (if so, he's def a keeper!) Don't forget about those nails! Keep a fresh mani for the endless times you'll show off your ring or take pics of your hand.


The Announcement

The most important thing to do is to enjoy the moment with your significant other before calling your friends and family and posting on social media (in that order). We highly recommend you float in the clouds for as long as you can then tell the world the best news.



After all of the celebrating for weeks and telling the proposal story a million times, take a moment to take it all in and get on the same page with your fiancé. You are going to be asked "when's the big day?" atleast once a day. It's ok to digress and have some private conversations first before diverging any initial wedding planning thoughts or details.


Engagement Length

How long do you want to be engaged? Believe it or not, we've planned an elaborate wedding in less than four months. Are you hoping to get married in 2024? If so, you'll have to be prepared to move fast on some initial decisions. Or do you want a longer engagement? If so, you may consider an engagement party as your first event since you have some time until the wedding celebration.

So many factors come into play when deciding when to get married such as venue availability, vendor availability, family + friend availability, preferred months/weather, other significant life events on your calendar, any potential career or school conflicts, and financial planning. There's no perfect formula. Communication is key with all parties (mostly couple + parents). Every scenario is different and we always recommend to do what feels right for you.

Engagement season for wedding planners is like the football season for NFL fans! We cannot wait to see all the rings on our timeline and connect with amazing new couples.

Tis' the season!



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