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Pittsburgh Luxury Wedding Planner | SHE Can Have It All

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Female-founded + fierce, SHE is more than event industry experts and certified detail snobs. We are moms, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, believers, leaders, disruptors, powerhouses, and super women. We are game changers continuously evolving and inspiring through this industry as well as this thing called life. Our personal and professional journey is truly full of big magic, joy, highs, and successes but sometimes when we take off the cape (or fly fit), it isn’t always glamorous!

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Is it me or does life be life’ing?! Things don’t always work out as planned, shit gets real at times, and there are tough executive decisions to be made. We’re always adjusting our crown and giving ourselves grace to learn + grow. Spoiler alert, we’re humans too! We love showing off the finer details but we’re ready to take you behind the perfect pictures and get a little personal. Hence, new blog vibes! If you’ve been keeping up with SHE here, thank you for the love + support. If you’re new, nice to meet you-we’re changing things up!

Stick around as we continue to share our amazing events but also talk shop, drop gems, give the real behind planning a wedding or event, and how we thrive in this fast-paced entrepreneur life + event world. We are going to feature fun collaborations, lean into our favorite lifestyle topics, and share our current obsessions. What are some hot topics you want us to discuss? Don't be shy--please comment. SHE is here for the brides and women who are authentically and unapologetically themselves. The ones who want it all and actually decide to go for it! If that’s you, you’re absolutely gonna love it here!



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